Appvalley Snapblack

Appvalley app store has the new modified tweak of the snapchat app . The tweaked modified version of that snapchat app is known as snapblack that is available in the appvalley app store. The snapblack app is filled with features . It also allows the users to text , draw and edit . The use by using the phone’s zoom feature can edit so that it might look awesome to look at. Snapblack allows the users to use a wide variety of colours , Photoshop the snap with tint brush , edit snaps from memory and more . As far the tweaks it’s one of the best tweak . Moreover it is free to download for the iOS device users. Continue reading

AppValley All Video Downloader 2018

All Video Downloader 2018 is the 1.3 version of All Video Downloader. The app was updated on November 30,2018. Millions of downloads for this application has been marked. Requires really a short storage in your phone. This is basically a video downloader for your phone. It has got a high rating in all app stores. Reviews of the users and tech experts are quite appreciable. Downloading of videos is quite simple and fast using this. Downloading of this app becomes easy via AppValley app store. AppValley app store mainly works under iOS platforms. It assures the best possible security. Continue reading

AppValley Sniper Legacy: Contract Shooting

Sniper Legacy: Contract Shooting is a very popular game among the iOS users. It is available in AppValley app store and runs under iOS platform. The game mainly is a shooting game. You need to act as a sniper and shoot as per the contract you receive.

This the the version 1.0 of this game. It was launched in July 22,2017. Playing is quite interesting and different. You need to destroy a specific enemy base as per the contract you get. There is also another part in which you can do single shooting. Difficulty level can be manually selected. The game can be downloaded free of cost from AppValley app store. Continue reading

Appvalley Dark Sky Weather

Appvalley app store has this dark sky weather app in the app store that consists of the accurate weather report of the surrounding area. Proper weather forecasting reports are provided to the users easily. It provides the users with the proper details of weather forecasting like temperature, humidity level, air flow details, and other details of the weather. The app also provides option for searching different places to know the weather conditions. It is very useful as one is able to know when there will be rain. The interface of the app is easy to use and the app is even simpler for application. It is quite user friendly app.  The dark sky app is able to predict the future weather conditions and thus it helps a lot during outing and thus one can have an assumption of the future weather status. It is one of the fantastic app of the appvalley app store. Continue reading

AppValley Focos

Focos is a camera application. The application is the best alternative for your inbuilt camera application. It has great useful feature which basic camera apps don’t support. It has a high aperture control. It gives an awesome bokeh effect for the photos you take. Gives you a DSLR like feeling. Automatic focus is available in this app. Timer for various time period can bet set via this application. Aperture can be also be controlled in a nice manner. Bokeh effect can also be controlled after you click a photo. 3D lighting is also included here. Overall it allows your phone camera to perform in the best possible way. Continue reading

AppValley Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a very popular game recently developed for all devices. It is basically an alternative game for Clash of Clans. Here you need to create your own bases. You need to play strategic game here. It is not a racing or fighting game. The game has become highly popular among all other games among the youngsters. This has now become a topic of discussion for all. This is because the game can be played in groups. You also get hundred of enemy bases. You need to attack and loot them. The game is restricted for under 13 guys. This is totally a free featured game. Boom beach has got a nice rating across all app stores. Reviews and ratings are quite high for this game. Download is possible via AppValley. Continue reading

AppValley Jio4GVoice

Now the time has come for you to port your SIM into Jio. Mind-blowing offers are given in Jio. No other companies can come into competition in the market after the arrival of jio with unlimited free packs and 99 a month. But the problem arrived was with the device. The condition is that jio sim can only work on 4G devices. Many of the people use 3G phones. Now the problem is solved with

Jio4GVoice. This app allows you to make your calls 4G and support the use of 4g network in your 3G device. The app has really helped the users and fulfilled a necessary demand of all customers. Thus the app is greatly taken all across the world. Rating has reached more than as expected within a very short span of time. Connectivity is quite smooth and easy. No issues with the network is observed till date. This is totally a free application. Continue reading

Appvalley Instagram++

Instagram is one of the social media platform for the users where the users share their pictures to portray what is going on in your life. This is an app of social media where any pictures or videos can be shared via messages or directly into the feeds. Instagram++ is a modded app with various features specially for the iOS users. It provides the users with legacies and there are no boundaries for the users as they can view even the private accounts. Moreover the live streaming can be saved and there is no limit on sending pictures to a person. It is very interesting to use and quite entertaining even for the users. Continue reading

AppValley Vigo Lite

Vigo Lite is an alternative for the video making social app such as tik tok, musically etc.  It’s actually a video community. Ir brings life your daily boring life. Audios such as some song parts or dialogues are provided here using which you can make funny videos. It has been proved to be one of the popular app for today. This app is highly taken by the people.  You can ever follow your friends and make duet videos with them. If you want you can add music by yourself. You can share your videos with your friends across the globe. Likes can be done, comments can be added. It’s basically a total package of entertainment. Downloading can be easily done through AppValley app store. We provide you with the download link for AppValley app store. Continue reading

AppValley Max Cleaner

Max Cleaner is an app and phone cleaner. Removal of catches are removed. Automatic scan is available. It regularly checks for any threads in our phone. On detection of threads it notifies you and with your prior permission cleans it. The app keeps your CPU clean from time to time. Heating of device is checked and cooled. Scanning is very fast and easy. It is basically an anti virus software. It cleans the RAM of your phone at an interval of time. App locking is also handled by this application. 50 Million plus downloads till date. Great rating and the app is highly taken by the users and proved to be one of the best by all tech experts. Few steps behind to achieve the 5 star rating. The app is available in AppValley app store. The download link for AppValley is given below. Continue reading