Appvalley Snapblack

Appvalley app store has the new modified tweak of the snapchat app . The tweaked modified version of that snapchat app is known as snapblack that is available in the appvalley app store. The snapblack app is filled with features . It also allows the users to text , draw and edit . The use by using the phone’s zoom feature can edit so that it might look awesome to look at. Snapblack allows the users to use a wide variety of colours , Photoshop the snap with tint brush , edit snaps from memory and more . As far the tweaks it’s one of the best tweak . Moreover it is free to download for the iOS device users. Continue reading

Appvalley Dark Sky Weather

Appvalley app store has this dark sky weather app in the app store that consists of the accurate weather report of the surrounding area. Proper weather forecasting reports are provided to the users easily. It provides the users with the proper details of weather forecasting like temperature, humidity level, air flow details, and other details of the weather. The app also provides option for searching different places to know the weather conditions. It is very useful as one is able to know when there will be rain. The interface of the app is easy to use and the app is even simpler for application. It is quite user friendly app.  The dark sky app is able to predict the future weather conditions and thus it helps a lot during outing and thus one can have an assumption of the future weather status. It is one of the fantastic app of the appvalley app store. Continue reading

Appvalley Instagram++

Instagram is one of the social media platform for the users where the users share their pictures to portray what is going on in your life. This is an app of social media where any pictures or videos can be shared via messages or directly into the feeds. Instagram++ is a modded app with various features specially for the iOS users. It provides the users with legacies and there are no boundaries for the users as they can view even the private accounts. Moreover the live streaming can be saved and there is no limit on sending pictures to a person. It is very interesting to use and quite entertaining even for the users. Continue reading

AppValley Waze

Waze is an user friendly app that helps the user find the proper route for going to proper destinations. Waze app consists the real time traffic updates, that helps the user a lot in the road. It is world’s one of the largest navigation app that provides the user about the proper traffic updates and conditions and situations in the road. It also provides the user many different routes for going to the different places. The Waze app is available in the both the android and iOS devices. The features of the Waze app for the android and iOS devices are different. The Waze app provides the user about the police, accident, traffic, road hazard, etc. The app can also be linked with the Facebook account of the user. The friends joining on Waze then are able to see the user on linking the account with the Facebook account. It is an easy and user friendly app that actually helps the user a lot more while traveling in the road with proper safety and information. Continue reading

AppValley Snapchat++

Snapchat++ is an obvious app in the devices of the users who profoundly use snapchat and love to use it. It keeps the user socially connected with the friends. Snapchat++ is an much enchanting and interesting app that enhances the user to use it . On comparison to the original snapchat app snapchat++ has a lot many features which are quite handy and useful to the users. Snapchat++ is an secure app from the appvalley app store for the users to use. The users get a huge number of features for their usability. It is quite user-friendly with a proper understandable interface that makes the easy understanding for all and thus has satisfied a lot of users for using this app. Continue reading

Appvalley Visage Lab App

Visage lab is a photo editing app for the users. It has a variety of fantastic features and one would be loved and pretty excited to have the app and use it. Just in one tap it adds  fantastic filters to the portraits. Even pimples are very common nowadays and this app is a solution to those. It can remove pimples, Whiten the teeth, smooth wrinkles for the perfect shot of the user. It makes the user look more good. This picture masters the facial photos by all means. It even consists of the fantastic features of auto retouch, the skin makeup, eye makeup, teeth whitening, colour enhancement, skin textures, etc. It even manages the pic with such contours that the person looks younger that is usually longed by all. It edits the image perfectly so that it looks worth posting in the social media. This app is really good for editing the pictures. Continue reading

Appvalley Venmo App

Venmo is an app form the appvalley app store that made sending and receiving money more easier. This app is so helpful that it is used in both iOS and Android device user for more than 3.5 million users and moreover it has received a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 that is obviously a spectacular rating. It is an money transfer app that allows the user to transfer money with ease and payment transfer on the online stores. It is quite reliable and easy to use for the users just the user needs to link the account with the venmo app. It is quite secure to use. Being such an user friendly app it has gained it’s huge success. And it is quite secure for the user to transfer money with this app and it also protects the personal information of the user. Continue reading

Appvalley Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot world atlas is one of the greatest and interesting app for the youngstars and specially the students, for education. It is also a great help for the parents who want to make their children educate about the earth and its various features. It is also fun to learn in this way. It is not only an atlas rather it contains a various of information about the various parts of the world. In including to all this there are various cultures described, various people, different countries and cities and other interesting geographical features. The app is quite narrative and full of photos that makes it easy for the understanding of the children. There are many mini videos that helps even in spontaneous explanation. Continue reading

Appvalley hotstar

Hotstar is an perfectly entertainment app for the users. It is a network that allows the user to stream all sorts of media content on the smartphone without letting the user to pay for the dime. By this app the users can stream movies, tv shows and many more. All are created by the star network. The user can easily use install the app in the smartphone to use it whenever one misses a tv episode. There are very minimum adds while using the app. Moreover the hotstar app is an free app. It has a simple user friendly interface. Continue reading

Appvalley Befunky Pro

Befunky pro is one of the fastest growing photo editor in this market for the users of the iOS devices. By this app the user can create awesome images in the respective device. It has a lot of effects for the free for making the image more beautiful. Moreover the various frame effects provides for the users attracts to use this app. It also has more profound features like changing the background of the picture for free. It also has collage maker with a it that adds to its utility. With fine and simple touch on the pictures the user can get access to the various stickers and fantastic frames. It can be used as free thus more enchanting to use. Continue reading